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6 mm Plague Warrior Kickstarter starts today!


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Will these ever be available in your store?

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Ankylo MiniaturesCreator

No, the kickstarter campaigns are signed as „kickstarter exclusive“ and will not spear on another platform.

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Drew Underwood

Hey, I missed the Kickstarter not knowing this existed. Is there any way to buy the STLs from you directly?

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I can't figure out how to reach out and thank you for the great Ogre models, so I'm going to post here and hope this eventually finds its way to you. These models are amazing. I've been searching for a minihammer Ogre Kingdoms army for a while now and just stumbled across your models by accident while searching in Google. I'm so pleased with my purchases. Is there any chance we will see more Ogre Kingdom models? A firebelly, a caster dragging a cauldron (Skrag), an ironblaster cannon/chariot, a giant, a stonehorn (with and/or without rider), a thundertusk (with and/or without rider), and a sabretusk would round out the army nicely.

New Kickstarter Campaign online

10mm/15m scale Kickstarter Campaign "The Destiny Duo"

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